Calculate income based on desired rate

To give an idea how much you could earn on a specific rate per year.

Includes other factors such as invoicable units per year and realistic utilisation.

Also includes consideration for the increased costs of contracting when camparing with permanent salaries.


How much to charge for each hour or day

Rate length

Charge by the day or by the hour?

Charge units per year

Hours or days worked and charged per year. Calculate invoicable hours and days per year.

For a normal fully booked year this is between 1400 to 2000 hours, or 200 to 260 days.

Additional cost

0 indicates no additional cost. Default: 20% means 20% additional costs.

Being self employed involves a lot of extra costs. (Insurance, pension, hardware, software, hosting, training, conferences, travel, accounting, invoice factoring, legal, office space, etc.)


100% indicates full utilisation. Default: 90% utilisation.

Some bench time must be expected between contracts. 2 weeks here, a few days there or worse..